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Playing Library

Alison and Tia play library today. Checking books out, looking up there code, and then fining for returning books late!

“They just play all day? When do they learn?”

There is so much more then what meets the eye. Some people may simply see kids playing with toys in these pictures. Let me tell you what I see…   I see engineers at work. I see skillfully constructed structures/robots/buildings/zoos/airports, built from the ground up. I see critical thinkers using multiple materials, in multiple ways,… Read more »

Sensory and light!

This week we did more experimenting and exploring with our light table. A clear bin on the table with extra large tapioca gave us an interesting mix of sensory and light to play with. The children enjoyed scooping, squishing, dumping, and rolling the tapioca as well as spreading them out and seeing the light shine… Read more »

Introducing the Light Table

The Light Table

A student stacks three identically shaped blocks, each a different color, one on top of the other. He closely examines this structure, with a dry erase marker in his hand, and pauses for a moment. He then gently places one hand on top of the structure before drawing on it (he understands that it would… Read more »

Collaborating with Trains


In the morning, Baxter set up the big blocks with the idea of using them as a balance beam. The children had a different idea- Rebel brought in the trains and started to use the blocks as roads and tunnels! Other people joined in and chatted with each other about where the cars and trains… Read more »

Musical Shakers

We finally completed our musical shaker project and have been incorporating them into our musical explorations this week.  We’ve also been enjoying singing some Holiday songs–Jingle bells, Rudolf, and a song about Hanukkah.  The children are very excited to share them with you!

Running a Restaurant

Restaurant Play

What started as a small dramatic play game grew to incorporate almost everyone on Tuesday, becoming a whole restaurant with servers, chefs, customers, an ever-growing menu selection, and the invention of money. After some modeling of how to make a dollar bill with the number 1 at each corner, the kids divided up to do… Read more »

Let The Children Play!

Play based learning

“Dramatic play can be defined as a type of play where children accept and assign roles, and then act them out. It is a time when they break through the walls of reality, pretend to be someone or something different from themselves, and dramatize situations and actions to go along with the roles they have… Read more »

Paper Circles, Hole Punchers and Glue Sticks

Patchwork Preschool Circles

This looks like a caterpillar. And the caterpillar ate all the leaves! Yeah, and it made all the holes in there. I need sprinkles. How do you make the sprinkles? I know how. I need help. Cupcake delivery! These are cupcakes because it’s my birthday. Look at my cupcake. It’s so big! It’s a stack… Read more »