Our toddler group is a small group of ten children ages 12 to 36 months old with two teachers, for a student to teacher ratio of five to one.  Toddlers may attend half-days or full-days, with a minimum of two days.  Children must generally be walking and taking only one nap per day in order to enroll.

Toddler Environment

The toddler space is the main floor of a small house-like building, so it’s very cozy and children usually quickly feel at home. It has a large main room and a separate art room, nap room and kitchen.

The toddlers have a lovely outdoor play area including an apple tree, grassy spaces, a small climber, a deck for snacks and art projects and more!
The indoor space includes cozy reading spots, sensory areas, dramatic play, blocks and a studio.

When I put [my daughter] down for her nap today I told her that we would do something fun when she got up and she said “like go patchwork school?” …makes us feel so good that she loves it there so much!


Tuition Rates

Toddler 2019–2020 Tuition Rates

Registration Fee $225 per year. Siblings $200. Pro-rated for mid-year start.

By choosing the Quarterly Payment option, you can save an additional 2.5% by paying on time with cash or check

Quarterly Payments
(once every three months)
Monthly Payments
2 Full Days$1,860$620
2 Half Days$1,084$361
3 Full Days$2,790$930
3 Half Days$1,626$542
4 Full Days$3,720$1,240
4 Half Days$2,168$723
5 Full Days$4,650$1,550
5 Half Days$2,710$903
Each Hour Aftercare$178$59
Payment Due Dates Quarterly Payments Monthly Payments
Fall Quarter Aug 20th – Nov 9th 6/10/19 6/10/19 7/10/19 8/10/19
Winter Quarter Nov 13th – Feb 22nd 9/10/19 9/10/19 10/10/19 11/10/19
Spring Quarter Feb 25th – May 23rd 12/10/19 12/10/19 1/10/20 2/10/20
Summer Quarter June 3rd – August 9th 3/10/20 3/10/20 4/10/20 5/10/20

Note: Each quarter is 12 weeks long, except for Summer, which is 10 weeks + 2 weeks of free drop-ins

Drop-in Rate: $14.25 per hour