Paper Circles, Hole Punchers and Glue Sticks

This looks like a caterpillar.
And the caterpillar ate all the leaves!
Yeah, and it made all the holes in there.
I need sprinkles. How do you make the sprinkles?
I know how.
I need help.
Cupcake delivery! These are cupcakes because it’s my birthday.
Look at my cupcake. It’s so big! It’s a stack of cupcakes. It’s gonna be a cupcake tower.
I’m making a lost city. And the ants are building a bridge. So, so they can get to the other side.
But don’t let the ants eat my cupcake!
They don’t they just live in these little holes. This is their home.
Did you know that some ants can build bridges to help each other across things using their bodies? They all hold onto each other to make a bridge for others to cross.
This bridge is made of wood. The ants are marching. They’re marching to their new island. They need to make holes in their island.