This section is reserved for the voices of the students of The Patchwork School.  Listen to what Patchwork is to them…

This video was made with our former “K-12 Program” students.  Instead, we now offer a daily Kindergarten program and we have K-5 Aftercare and Summer programs. 

Children choose the curriculum and are supported in deepening their natural curiosity. 


Patchwork Is…

Words Describing Patchwork by a group of preschool students (ages 4 & 5), February 2014

“I like it. I like the Veggie Booty.” – Ashleigh

“It’s good.” – Remi

“I like the books.” – Ava

“So much! Friends to play with and so much toys.” – Shephard

“I like the snacks.” – Enzo

“It’s nice and big.” – Sarah

“Patchwork feels good.” – Aine

“Play outside.” – Jack

“My friends.” – Juna

“I have lots of friends.” – Oslo

“I feel like it’s great because I get to see my friends.” – Ava

“Lots of fun activities and magnatiles.” – Aine

“The teachers help us when we need help.” – Nicole

“I like it’s tasty watermelon.” – Ava

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K-12 Students, February 2014