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Ingredients: Flowers, Water, Leaves, Water, Pinchers, Scissors, and Potion Jars. “The petals are easy to cut off. I wanna collect all the yellow ones and all the pink ones.” Iris created a potion that when smelled, “turns you into the biggest octopus, and the baddest, and it can eat you!”

Making apple juice from our apple tree

Apple Cider Patchwork School Toddlers

We teachers are grateful for our wonderful natural resources at Patchwork such as the fruit trees and the gardens, which can support an understanding of where food comes from.  The children seem to really enjoy this hands on experience of harvesting produce and then turning it into something delicious!   We used a super awesome… Read more »

Balls and Ramps

Balls and Ramps Patchwork School Preschool

Cause and effect is so fascinating. This repetition may seem simple, but the kids are getting a lot out of rolling the balls and other objects over and over again in different circumstances—-different surfaces, different angles, and with different ingredients (such as sand, water, etc.) involved. Many other elements also come into play—how can we… Read more »

Playing Cats

Lots of meows, running, digging and playing. This imaginative play is a polar opposite to the construction work that has been predominant so far this year with a lot of these same people. The construction incorporates jobs, structure, and lots of doing, while the cats game is more about feeling, expressing, relating, and communicating. A… Read more »

Painting with Apples

Painting with Apples Patchwork School Toddlers

The apples have been so plentiful that we’ve been trying to find new ways to interact with them! This week, we had a painting project with the apples. The children experimented with rolling and smearing the apples around on the paper and seeing how the paint blends and squishes.

Sharing Planet Knowledge

Sharing Planet Knowledge Patchwork Preschool

This planet is the gassiest. Yeah, it’s made all of gas. And it’s so, so , so HUGE! this one has so many moons. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19….we counted all of the moons of all of the planets! Rebekah, I’m going to make an experiment of finding all the colors of all the planets. I need red… And… Read more »

The Recycle Center

Recycling Center Patchwork

The Recycle Team: Man, look at how much recycle we have! There’s so much recycle! I’ll pick up this recycle. Look at this old monster truck. And here’s a whole tire! Recycle! (throwing a piece of plastic over the fence for the workers to pick up) And we’re wearing our vests. Yeah and hard hats…. Read more »

Testing the Ramp

T is testing the ramp built by him and Cassie. They are discovering that different balls work best to roll down the ramp and observing the speed at which they get to the bottom. T came to the decision that the wood balls worked best, and that rolling the two at once creates the most… Read more »

Calculus Parachute

Calculus Parachute

A piece of fabric became an inspiration for calculus! In trying to determine how big of a parachute a person would require, we needed to understand terminal velocity, acceleration and the area under the curve. Save Save

Paper, scissors, glue, and hole punchers

Many people had ideas today to make things out of paper—a city, a rain forest, and paper airplanes were the starting points. For some, the focus was more on process: mastering the open and shut motion of scissors, slipping the sticky glue over the paper, and squeezing hard to make the hole punchers chomp through… Read more »