“They just play all day? When do they learn?”

There is so much more then what meets the eye. Some people may simply see kids playing with toys in these pictures. Let me tell you what I see…


I see engineers at work. I see skillfully constructed structures/robots/buildings/zoos/airports, built from the ground up. I see critical thinkers using multiple materials, in multiple ways, working to construct the idea/picture/map in their head.

I see mathematicians and scientists. Through play such as this, children are using one-to-one correspondence, and are exploring sorting, counting, and toying with patterns. They are classifying, creating and testing hypothesis, and observing cause and effect.

I see people learning to be people. In these pictures, children are exploring cooperation and teamwork. They are listening, communicating, negotiating, using creative problem-solving skills, building self-confidence, as well as empathy and respect.

Most importantly, I see joy!

“Nothing lights up a child’s brain like PLAY!”
-Dr. Stuart Brown