Community Partners

We believe that getting out into the community and bringing the community in helps us all to remember that learning does not just happen inside these four walls, but is happening all the time.  We are grateful for the support of many parents and community organizations!

Local Supporters

Naropa University

We are honored to have Naropa students in the Master’s Programs for Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program carry out Practicum and Internship hours at our school.  These graduate students offer additional Social/Emotional support in the classrooms for our students and staff. Often their presence allows us to provide essential accommodations to a child with unique behavioral or mental health needs. In exchange, we are excited to share with them the ways in which we are able to bring Social Emotional well-being into the classroom in each and every moment of the day, and to support these students in getting the hours they need to become licensed practitioners in the community. The students are supervised by a licensed counselor from the Louisville Family Center. Please click here for more details on the program and our partnership.

University of Colorado

We have often partnered with CU to offer students, usually from the CU INVST Community Studies Program, opportunities to learn about community leadership and the importance of Early Childhood Education. Often CU students will research the structure of our school and then present their findings to their classmates, and some eventually become assistant or part-time teachers to learn more!

As a professor at CU-Boulder, I love being a volunteer at Patchwork School. I’m impressed with their distinctive educational philosophy, and it’s clear that they are providing an environment where the children are growing socially and intellectually. And equally importantly, it’s clear that the children are really happy.
— Volunteer, 2010


Louisville Family Center

Louisville Family Center offers Play Therapy, Parent Counseling, and other resources for heart centered family living. The Patchwork School partners with Louisville Family Center to provide Parent & Staff Workshops and other supports for Patchwork families and staff.



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Fox Dog Coffee



Located in downtown Louisville, Bittersweet featues house made pastries and delicious coffee and drinks in a warm and inviting environment.

Balfour Senior Living

Offering children and seniors an opportunity to connect is such a joy given how often both age groups are segregated in our society.  Each Halloween The Patchwork School visits Balfour for a Halloween parade where the seniors get to hand out (non-food) treats to the students and then we all sing some Halloween songs together.  We’ve also collaborated for Valentine’s day and other holidays, as well.


Queer Asterisk

Offering therapy services to the LGBTQ+ community in the greater Denver, Boulder area, Queer Asterisk has supported The Patchwork School by offering staff and parent educational workshops for our community. We have learned about systemic privilege and oppression, specifically heteronormativity through an intersectional lens, biological sex, gender, and sexuality as binary and linear social constructs, queer and non-binary identities and experiences, concepts and language pertaining to queer identities and experiences, best practice guidelines, strategies and tools to create inclusive spaces for queer and trans individuals and their families.