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The Patchwork School
1428 Main Street
Louisville, CO 80027

Phone: 720-271-6729


Informational Tours

Informational Tours are the best way to get a feel for the school to find out if it is the right fit for your family.  You will also have a chance to place your child on the waitlist and get all of your questions answered.  These sessions cover logistics and basics about all of our programs, as well as the philosophies behind our approach.  To schedule a tour please call 720-271-6729 or email   We also highly recommend watching the virtual tour below first!

Please note that rather than a K-12 Program, we now offer Kindergarten instead.   We also offer Aftercare and Summer programs for K-5 students.

I like the fact that the program is very child centered and that they have a great deal of freedom. There are a variety of things for the children to do and they know they have choices. I also like the idea of the morning meeting and the fact that kids are taught to solve conflicts.


Observations & Participatory Visits

We do offer longer visits for prospective families that have completed a tour and have been offered a spot or for educators looking to learn more about our approach.  We do ask that any visitor comes prepared to engage and participate rather than simply observe, so that you can have a more genuine experience and so that the children and teachers feel at ease.  We also ask that you keep questions to a minimum so that teachers can focus on being present for the children, and we are happy to set up a time to talk afterwards.  

I love the art studio. I love playing in the sandbox and climbing trees. I love the new friends I have made at Patchwork. You can do whatever you want at school. I wish I could go to school every day!

Parent’s summary of child’s comments on Patchwork

Nondiscriminatory Policy

To foster an equitable, nurturing, and stimulating environment for educational experiences and community building, The Patchwork School affirms that its students, staff, volunteers and guests have a right to be free from discrimination. We invite all people to participate in the activities, events and community of our school. We do not discriminate on any basis (cultural background, ethnicity, race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, sex, disability, marital status or spirituality) in the administration of our care, instruction, admission, employment, or tuition assistance policies.