Our preschool group is a maximum of eighteen children ages 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 with three teachers, for a student to teacher ratio of six to one.  Preschoolers may attend half-days or full-days, with a minimum of two days, and parents have the option of adding before or after school care.  Children  are not required to be potty trained.  The Preschool program combines with the Kinder program in the afternoons for an opportunity to work with an even wider age-range of peers.

Preschool Environment

The preschool is in the small yellow house and has many different wondrous spaces for intentional work and play. There is also a huge outdoor area with a giant tree for shade and the biggest sandbox you’ve ever seen!

The art studio is in the front of the building with lots of bright light streaming in through the windows.
There are various nooks for individual or group exploration.
Offerings often happen outdoors as well as indoors.
New sand arrives by the ton each year on our community work day!

Some fun quotes from Patchwork children:
Maggie (age 3): What in the heck in the world?
Elise (age 3): I sneaked up on two cookies!
Sam (age 5):  I was in God when dinosaurs were alive.
Oscar (age 4): Garage sales are “when a human sells toys to another human.”
Jack (age 4): I have news that’s kinda bad, but it needs to be told.  Pirates Park is under construction.

Cameron (age 3): Tricky is fun!

Tuition Rates

Preschool 2019–2020 Tuition Rates

Registration Fee $225 per year. Siblings $200. Pro-rated for mid-year start.

By choosing the Quarterly Payment option, you can save an additional 2.5% by paying on time with cash or check

Quarterly Payments
(once every three months)
Monthly Payments
2 Full Days$1,790$597
2 Half Days$1,050$350
3 Full Days$2,685$895
3 Half Days$1,575$525
4 Full Days$3,580$1,193
4 Half Days$2,100$700
5 Full Days$4,475$1,492
5 Half Days$2,625$875
Each Hour Aftercare$153$51
Payment Due Dates Quarterly Payments Monthly Payments
Fall Quarter Aug 20th – Nov 9th 6/10/19 6/10/19 7/10/19 8/10/19
Winter Quarter Nov 13th – Feb 22nd 9/10/19 9/10/19 10/10/19 11/10/19
Spring Quarter Feb 25th – May 23rd 12/10/19 12/10/19 1/10/20 2/10/20
Summer Quarter June 3rd – August 9th 3/10/20 3/10/20 4/10/20 5/10/20

Note: Each quarter is 12 weeks long, except for Summer, which is 10 weeks + 2 weeks of free drop-ins

Drop-in Rate: $13.25 per hour