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Earth Day: Community Work Day

Every year we all get together to spruce up the school.  This year we had a great turn out and we able to accomplish so much! Thank you to our amazing families! 

Lava land

On Tuesday, the kids and Cassie built an epic obstacle course, complete with lave rocks and rings of fire (ribbons tied to hula hoops). We have enjoyed playing and challenging ourselves with it all week!


“Rawwwwrrrrr!” “Stop! I don’t want to play that game” “That was really clear. You don’t want to play this game. Does the growling feel scary?” “Yes!” “Stop!” “I don’t want to play that game!” “Guys, guys. I’m a friendly monster! See? I jump too!” “Yeah, you can jump too!” Invitation to play: “This castle really… Read more »

Sensory and light!

This week we did more experimenting and exploring with our light table. A clear bin on the table with extra large tapioca gave us an interesting mix of sensory and light to play with. The children enjoyed scooping, squishing, dumping, and rolling the tapioca as well as spreading them out and seeing the light shine… Read more »

What will slide down?

Sliding Patchwork Preschool

The kids start by experimenting with different things they find near the ramp: Legos, blocks, balls, cars. Some go slow but stay on, some go fast but often slide right off. After figuring out that the cars/trains go fast and often stay on, a pretend play game emerges around taking turns using the railroad crossing… Read more »