Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Kinder Families!
What a year we have had in Kinder thus far! As I reflect on the time we have spent together, I can’t help but smile. Each of us in the kinder program has grown so much, individually, and as a community. And I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

This is truly an amazing group of people. Since August we have explored so many things together – building, theater, science, art, gardening, imaginative play and the list goes on.  I have observed so much group play this year – often the whole class will come together with a big idea and work with one another to see it through.
And sometimes people prefer to play and explore on their own or with a special friend. Beautiful things come out of these interactions as well. Whether your children are working in large groups, one-one-one, or on their own, they are learning to express their needs and feelings, hear the needs and feelings of others, and manage all that comes with this type of social-emotional work.
It’s not always a tidy process – and that is okay. So much growth comes from messy explorations, both literally and figuratively. I for one am looking forward to where these messy explorations will take us in the New Year!

With Deep Gratitude, Jammie