Morning Mushroom Meeting!

We were so excited about the arrival of a big parachute that Eva’s family had given us for the holidays, that we decided we couldn’t wait until after meeting time to test it out! There was a discussion about testing it out downstairs in the mushroom, and after snack we had all gathered by the gate to the stairs, making it clear that we were ready to go “down! down!” and according to Miko “Ready! Ready!” So we made a plan to have our meeting downstairs in the mushroom with the parachute!

We sang some requested favorites: “Miriam, Miriam, jump up and down, jump up and down, all through the town!” going through everyone as we took turns jumping all around the parachute. Slippery Fish and The Fire Truck song were next.

Then we made a plan to experiment holding the parachute up by the handles and bouncing the ball around it. We lifted the parachute high up and huddled beneath it like a tent, squealing in excitement at the big colors we could see hovering above us. Next a few of us started hiding in the tent and we became the “Slippery Fish” swimming in the water.

It was great using the parachute during meeting time today, as it encouraged our cooperation, collaboration, and communication. After singing and dancing on it, we worked together to carefully move our bodies off of the parachute and lift it up with the handles as high as we could. We practiced our communication skills as we were respectful of others moving around us in a tight space beneath the parachute. It was a great opportunity for us to improve our gross motor skills and coordination – lifting that big parachute is no easy feat!

Way to go, Toddler Town!