The Recycle Center

The Recycle Team:

Man, look at how much recycle we have!
There’s so much recycle!
I’ll pick up this recycle.
Look at this old monster truck.
And here’s a whole tire!
Recycle! (throwing a piece of plastic over the fence for the workers to pick up)
And we’re wearing our vests.
Yeah and hard hats.
Guys we’re the garbage truck.
You’re the recycle truck and you pick it up and take it to the recycle plant.

Recycling Center Patchwork

The Recycle Center Expands…

The kids announce the recycle plan at meeting, and more people join. The trikes become recycle trucks, cleaning up the neighborhood. The slide becomes a conveyor belt, with dump trucks at the bottom to collect the recycling. The kids engineer different instruments to carry, scoop, and move along the recycling.

Recycling Center Patchwork Recycling Center Patchwork  Recycling Center Patchwork