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Working Through Feelings with Play

Wood takes a rough spill as he tripped on the edge of the sand box as he was running to the wood chips. Cassie the preschool teacher offered to pick him off the ground, and Wood refused her help and laid down a little further over. A preschool student and Henry noticed that Wood was… Read more »

Pond Plan

After a plan was made at meeting to continue working on the hole/pond at the bottom of the slide, Cha Cha helped the workers and swimmers create agreements around how to use it. “I hear people saying they do not want to be splashed.” “Hey everyone, it’s okay if we let the boat float around… Read more »

A conversation about the Giraffe “Why do giraffes have long necks?”-Student “Hmm… I don’t know, why do you think?”-Cassie “I don’t know.”-Student “Well, I do know something about giraffes that might help us figure this out… Do you know what giraffes eat?”-Cassie “Leaves!”-Student “Yeah, that’s right, they do eat leaves, and where to do leaves… Read more »

Music Room Visit

Logan, Alexander, and Blaze went to the toddler building to find magnifying glasses for a bug hunt. They couldn’t find any, but they did see that the door to the music room was open and rushed in to play the instruments. They took turns well so that everyone got to play the instruments they wanted… Read more »

Marble Tracks

In noticing that many of the older children seem ready for more challenging manipulatives and building materials, we offered the marble tracks to small groups of older toddlers this week. The children responded to these new materials with great excitement and curiosity! Many children became quite fixated on keeping track of the exact marble which… Read more »

Birds, birds, birds

Over the past few months, we (teachers) have been inspired by the way in which the unfolding of Spring seems to have sparked a strong interest and curiosity amongst the group for exploring the natural world. Many of the materials and projects we’ve offered over the past few months have served to support and build… Read more »

Earth Day: Community Work Day

Every year we all get together to spruce up the school.  This year we had a great turn out and we able to accomplish so much! Thank you to our amazing families! 

Alphabet creatures

This week, we worked on making an entire alphabet to hang in our writing area. Some people were interested in the circles, filling them in with different materials and colors. Others liked the idea of turning them into creatures (it’s an A for alien!), while others were interested in the sensory aspects of gluing, sticking,… Read more »

Story Writing!

Minecraft reading class has turned into Minecraft story writing! Everyone was very focused this morning on ideas and began writing their stories! Our goal is to have finished books, complete with illustrations, by the end of the year!

Writing Letters

The K-12 took a trip to the Louisville Post office. There was a large letter writing session before hand.