Something FISHY is happening in the preschool…

  • This morning, I opened the top of the fish tank to feed the fish and PANICKED when I saw an alien slug forming on the underside of the lid! It looked like this: 
  • To my relief, I learned from Caylen and a quick Google search that it is not in fact an alien slug…and to our excitement, we learned that the new addition to our fish tank had just laid eggs! On the inside of the fish tank lid are SNAIL EGGS! We immediately got to work.
  • As with any major scientific investigation, we first made some predictions on what the snail eggs might look like…and after taking a peek, we took down some very accurate data on what the eggs actually do look like. Next, we talked about when we all think the eggs will hatch…some people believe it will be as soon as tomorrow, and others are sure that it will take at least a million years! Over the next few weeks, the preschoolers will continue to keep a watch on our new growing babies while keeping our scientific investigation open. We will take data, track days, and see if we notice any major changes along the way. Come check out the walls surrounding the fish tank to see our hard work. And please! Stay behind the blue line on the ground and keep curious hands off of the tank infrastructure to ensure the safety of our snail’s eggs!