Tag: Curriculum – Emergent/Reggio

Experiencing relevant, meaningful offerings and provocations that are a part of an ongoing learning process driven by the community’s context, expertise and interests.

Connecting with our Photos!

There has been a lot of excitement and buzz over the new photos on our wall! The children were inspecting the pictures together. Some of the pictures are a bit higher up, so we have been using the bench as a helpful way for us to see them up close and personal. The children have… Read more »

Sink of Float?

This week the children were curious about what types of things sink in water and what types of things float in water. We filled up a large tub, and got to work. We experimented with water beads, plastic animals, q-tips, puff balls, and much more! We found that heavy things tend to sink while lighter… Read more »

Something FISHY is happening in the preschool…

This morning, I opened the top of the fish tank to feed the fish and PANICKED when I saw an alien slug forming on the underside of the lid! It looked like this:  To my relief, I learned from Caylen and a quick Google search that it is not in fact an alien slug…and to… Read more »