Calculus Parachute

A piece of fabric became an inspiration for calculus! In trying to determine how big of a parachute a person would require, we needed to understand terminal velocity, acceleration and the area under the curve.

Calculus Parachute



Paper, scissors, glue, and hole punchers

Many people had ideas today to make things out of paper—a city, a rain forest, and paper airplanes were the starting points. For some, the focus was more on process: mastering the open and shut motion of scissors, slipping the sticky glue over the paper, and squeezing hard to make the hole punchers chomp through paper. For those who didn’t start with a narrative (such as making a city), many eventually came up with stories to tell. The purple glue makes tracks all over the white paper—this is a treasure map! The Whitney glue covers yellow paper and becomes waves washing onto a beach. It’s fun to see what happens when we have the freedom to explore and experience materials fully.



The sensory bin

Toddlers at sensory bin

Patchwork toddlers working at the sensory bin


The sensory bin was filled with beans, seeds, lentils, and scoopers this week. As the children explored their new space, many of them came back to the sensory table to run their fingers through the materials, scoop and dump, or fill cups and shake them. Throughout the school year, the sensory table will be a provocation available to the children all day and we will switch out materials regularly so the children can explore many different sensory experiences with it!


Toddler ramp construction

Over the past two weeks we have been continuing our explorations with ramps, balls, trains and cars.  Painting the ramp we made using the cars and trains.  Kieran and Thacher help with the construction of a new ramp.

K-12 Pet Committee Update

Leela is researching animals for the new class pet. She has created a list of pros and cons for each animal pet care committee has come up. She is going to present her research to her classmates at the next pet care committee meeting

Music Class – Logic Studio Pro

Nick usually offers his music class every Tuesday as a group in the basement. Today he set up a station and asked if people wanted to sign up for 30 min increments . They were able to explore Logic Studio Pro on the MacBook and create drum patterns and melodies using the midi keyboard.

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Preschool Chicken Visit

Eddie and Jericho from K12 came over to let us pet the chickens and teach us a little bit about their behavior and how to take care of them

Toddler Painting!

Inspired by the widespread interest among the toddler group in things that roll, we explored various cylindrical-like objects and how they interact with paint…