Fun with the Buns!

This week the preschool has been spending time visiting and getting to know our bunnies. These visits are an amazing opportunity for us to discuss our limits surrounding the bunnies and the ways that we can behave that helps our bunnies remain calm and feel safe. Some limits that the students came up with before entering the bunny barn were: 
-Be quiet, even if excited try to remain calm and not raise our voices 
-Sit on the floor, do not chase the bunnies. They will be scared if chased. 
-Be gentle, especially when petting them

While following all of these limits was challenging at times overall the students did amazing with our bunnies and all of them were approached by the bunnies and able to pet them! 

Here are a few memorable quotes from our adventures: 

“Get him, just don’t chase him” 
“Him is scared from us, he is hiding” 
“I didn’t chase him, so he came up to me” 
“I waited so long for them to come up to me and they came up to me” 
“They ran away cause they were scared”