Rebekah brought in honeycomb this week she found this past weekend. After comparing and contrasting the honeycomb to a wasp nest, and using hexagons to explore the shapes of the nests, she shared an idea to watch a video about bees. We set up our new projector and everyone squeezed in to the mini moosh room to watch and learn.
“I think there’s a queen bee!”
“There is!”
“The bees are dancing!”
“The bees are using the honey to feed the babies.”
“How about, let’s play a bee game! The girls can be the queen and the boys can be the king bees.”
Questions asked after the film
“How are bees born?”
“How do wasps kill bees?”
“What does the nursery look like?”

Wednesday offering: Honeycomb and wasps’ nests

What is the same about a bee and a wasp? What is different? How can we tell which home belongs to which bug? Why do some bugs sting? Why do their nests have holes? How do the holes fit together? The class cycled through this discovery table, examine the nests with the magnifying glasses, tracing shapes, and sharing knowledge and questions about these pollinators.