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Working Through Feelings with Play

Wood takes a rough spill as he tripped on the edge of the sand box as he was running to the wood chips. Cassie the preschool teacher offered to pick him off the ground, and Wood refused her help and laid down a little further over. A preschool student and Henry noticed that Wood was… Read more »

Ready, set, GO!

The children have created a game together, which they are playing in many different settings.  The game usually involves the phrase, “ready, set, go!,” some sort of simultaneous movement such as running, then gathering back together, waiting, looking back and forth at each other, and naturally taking turns being the one to shout joyously, “ready,… Read more »


“Rawwwwrrrrr!” “Stop! I don’t want to play that game” “That was really clear. You don’t want to play this game. Does the growling feel scary?” “Yes!” “Stop!” “I don’t want to play that game!” “Guys, guys. I’m a friendly monster! See? I jump too!” “Yeah, you can jump too!” Invitation to play: “This castle really… Read more »