School-Age Outings

Paddle Boats and Canoes

Today we travelled to Waneka to have a boat adventure on the lake. We arrived and there were two large school groups already scheduled to use all the boats. The group agreed to practice patience and wait till they were done. 
Once we got our turn we split up into groups that wanted to Paddle Boat and those who want to use a canoe.
Along the way we saw logs, beautiful views of the mountains, dead fish, Hawks, and fish jumping out of the water.

Groundies 4 Life

The group spends the morning doing their routine game of Groundies both at Pirates and at Waneka Lake Park. The game continues to be a source of fun, competition, and physical challenge.

Coal Creek Swim Hole

Nothing like swimming in a natural spot on a hot summer day. Some friends made a dam to make the water deeper, and they we tried the higher jump! 
Some students enjoyed exploring the shallows, looking at red roots beneath the water and finding crawdads too!

Scavenger Hunt

Jericho promotes us to follow through with our plan and establish a Scavenger Hunt. The students choose ten items of their own to hide. 
One player hides the items throughout the Annette Brand Park in Louisville. The other student wait with their heads down for the items to be hid. They then have 3.5 minutes to quickly locate the items. Whoever collects the most gets to be the hider next!

Mafia-the game

Amelia works with Jericho and Rowan to teach the group a new game called ‘Mafia’. They instruct the group through the mystery and problem solving game narrative. Many questions arise but they work through them and laugh about the outcomes of their characters.

Garden Volunteers

On Tuesday the group traveled to Lakewood to volunteer there time in the schools garden. When we arrived we met Chris the garden caretaker and quickly got to work. 
Started off by harvesting some delicious strawberries to get our energy and motivation up. We then split into two groups, one group helped turn over the compost with Chris, and the other group started to weed a garden box. 
Along the way there was much discussion of our own gardens at home, how we help and care for them, and questions about weeds and why we even call them weeds. 
After some hard work in the sun the kids treated themselves to more strawberries and then were able to have lunch and play on the schools playgrounds.

A beautiful day of challenge, care, exploration, discussion and discovery. Amelia and Jia found a peanut growing, the group collectively decided a name and then potted the plant to take home!