Prospective Teachers

Prospective Teachers should be sure to check out the following:

  • First, we’d like to suggest that you take a minute to read through the website, especially the Philosophypage, to see if the school sounds like a good fit for you.  We also describe the Role of the Teacher on our Emergent Curriculum page.
  • For teachers who would like to apply for substitute or other positions, please submit a cover letter and resume to
  • Our Resources page has links to articles and books that can help you learn more.
  • You are also welcome to attend one of our Informational Tours.

Patchwork has really allowed my son to come out of his shell and excel as a wonderful, joyful, and humorous child filled with spirit.  I am continually impressed with the teachers you find to work at PW. They are really wonderful people.


Benefits Of Teaching at The Patchwork School

Being a teacher does not get you a huge salary, or hefty benefits in the traditional sense, and it can be exhuasting, however some of the priceless benefits of working at The Patchwork School, as stated by the staff themselves are:

Emotional Support – we support each other emotionally with “listening time” built into our staff meeting time, and we become a support system for one another.

Culture of Well-being – we take care of each other by encouraging one another to take personal and sick days when needed, by having a Support Teacher every day that fills in for illnesses or even tough moments, and by reminding one another to stop and take our breaks or just get a hug.

Alignment with Self – we do not have to hide our true selves, but can come and be appreciated for who we are and what gifts we bring to the space.

Amazing People – we get to co-teach in a classroom with another amazing person every day, and work with an entire team of incredible, passionate educators that come to this work as more of a calling than a job.

A Life of Activism – every day we get to fight for children’s voices to be heard, offering us the chance to create change in this world we live in.

Making Meaning – we get to be a significant part of a child’s life, allowing us to give back and make a real difference in the lives of families in our community.

Healing Ourselves – as we offer freedom and compassion to the children, we are able to heal our own childhood wounds.

Opportunites for Creativity – as co-creators with the children, we too, get to exercise our creative muscles rather than adhering to a specific lesson plan.

Flexible scheduling – just as with families, teachers are able to create their own perfect schedule combing the right amount of teaching, admin and off time.

Cooperative Consensus Decision Making – teachers have a voice in their own salaries, the positions offered, who their mentors and directors are, and must all reach consensus together on big decisions rather than having a traditional authoritarian structure.

Awesome Vacation Time – we get to have a holiday break, spring break, summer vacations, and an additional two weeks of paid personal/sick/vacation time!

Teachers are Parents Too – we have an exceptional tuition assistance policy for teachers and we get to visit our children on our breaks and occaionally throughout the day.