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Making apple juice from our apple tree

Apple Cider Patchwork School Toddlers

We teachers are grateful for our wonderful natural resources at Patchwork such as the fruit trees and the gardens, which can support an understanding of where food comes from.  The children seem to really enjoy this hands on experience of harvesting produce and then turning it into something delicious!   We used a super awesome… Read more »

Painting with Apples

Painting with Apples Patchwork School Toddlers

The apples have been so plentiful that we’ve been trying to find new ways to interact with them! This week, we had a painting project with the apples. The children experimented with rolling and smearing the apples around on the paper and seeing how the paint blends and squishes.

The sensory bin

Toddlers at sensory bin

  The sensory bin was filled with beans, seeds, lentils, and scoopers this week. As the children explored their new space, many of them came back to the sensory table to run their fingers through the materials, scoop and dump, or fill cups and shake them. Throughout the school year, the sensory table will be… Read more »

Toddler ramp construction

Over the past two weeks we have been continuing our explorations with ramps, balls, trains and cars.  Painting the ramp we made using the cars and trains.  Kieran and Thacher help with the construction of a new ramp.

Hot off the press!  Check our our new virtual online tour of the school!

Preschool Chicken Visit

Eddie and Jericho from K12 came over to let us pet the chickens and teach us a little bit about their behavior and how to take care of them

Toddler Painting!

Inspired by the widespread interest among the toddler group in things that roll, we explored various cylindrical-like objects and how they interact with paint…