Author: Hannah Johnson

Exploring the Senses in Kinder

This week we have been exploring the sense of touch. Slimy, wet, squishy, warm, cold, hard and soft. Water beads and home made play dough are excellent ways to investigate texture – and numbers! While making play dough we measured and poured, counted the number of times each person stirred the mix, and practiced patience… Read more »

Writing stories

We read a story that Kinder made last year, and it inspired a group of students to write some of their own stories! At this age story writing often begins with pictures or symbols before transitioning into doing their own actual writing of the words of the story.

Kinder theater

Many students in kinder are still loving learning about acting and planning short plays. This week we discussed that actors spend a lot of time practicing and warming up before shows. We played a variety of fun theater games, and presented our own version of the story “Sheep in a Jeep.”