The Patchwork School is an innovative non-profit organization promoting children’s rights and meaningful educational options for all, at the heart of which is a community-based democratic school for children ages one and up, located in Louisville, Colorado.  By respecting children as people with ideas, interests and opinions, and by utilizing our community’s resources, we have created an experiential learning environment that fosters critical thinking and problem solving, develops communication and leadership abilities, nurture’s self-confidence and self-direction, promotes compassion and sustainability, and most of all preserves a passion for learning.  Through the school, our parent education, teacher training, and community building, we advocate for freedom, responsibility and compassion in community.  


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Be sure to check out the new 2015 Summer Program with full-day and full-summer options!


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We have limited space, but are still accepting applications for interns.  Get a Master's Degree and Teaching License as well as hands-on practical experience!


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During the school year, tours are offered regularly.  Please call us at 720-271-6729 or email us at info@thepatchworkschool.com if you would like to join us for one! All tours are held at 1428/1436 Main Street - please ring the doorbell at the center gate.


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Patchwork Is...

Some thoughts from our community from February 2014

A place where I can show up and been seen for who I am.  A loving community. Authentic.  Compassion. The amazing teachers.  Friendship. Support. Outside. Gluten-free snacks and playing with friends. Open. Kind. Connections. Understanding. It feels like great, and like home - it feels like my home. Creation. Fun! A school where we play and have fun.

Nondiscriminatory Policy
To foster an equitable, nurturing, and stimulating environment for educational experiences and community building, The Patchwork School affirms that its students, staff, volunteers and guests have a right to be free from discrimination. We invite all people to participate in the activities, events and community of our school. We do not discriminate on any basis (cultural background, ethnicity, race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, sex, disability, marital status or spirituality) in the administration of our care, instruction, admission, employment, or tuition assistance policies.



Congratulations to The Patchwork School for being named 2nd place in Boulder Weekly's Best of Boulder for Private Education for 2013 and 2014!



Check out the Institute for Democratic Education in America, Patchwork is a member!