Balfour Visit

We took a small group of students to Balfour today and it was so lovely! The children enjoyed the fancy decorations and were so willing to talk to the residents. We talked about our names and ages and met Miss Ruthie who was 103! We also sang some songs and built towers. It’s so important… Read more »


Sarah and Mary are playing on the beanbag, jumping around and landing on top of each other. This is fun for a few minutes, then Mary says, “Stop! I don’t like this.” Sarah says, “Okay.” Then a pause and she says, “How about you land on me?”. This works, and Graham and Amy join the… Read more »

Discovering Patterns

“This one has two, this one has four, this one has 6.”

City Building

The kids are interested in our homemade geoboard, and Lincoln has the idea that it could be a city. They all take turns adding different rubber bands, making shapes and strings of “lights”. The city becomes a space ship, and Cal realizes the rubberbands can be ‘sound makers’

Geography Class

Some pictures from an ongoing exploration of geography. Save Save


“Rawwwwrrrrr!” “Stop! I don’t want to play that game” “That was really clear. You don’t want to play this game. Does the growling feel scary?” “Yes!” “Stop!” “I don’t want to play that game!” “Guys, guys. I’m a friendly monster! See? I jump too!” “Yeah, you can jump too!” Invitation to play: “This castle really… Read more »

Drawing with Sand and Light

We observed children exploring various strategies for creative expression–using one finger, multiple fingers, one hand, two hands, experimenting with small movements and large movements, straight lines, and wiggly lines, circles and spirals. Some words that came to mind as we watched the children interact with this offering: soothing, collaborative, shared canvas, impermanence, large scale, sensory…

Who will run meeting?

Amelia and Eddie want to run meeting, but so does Kai. How do we decide who gets to run meeting? We discuss the issue for a few minutes. Various proposals are brought up. The person who helped us negotiate the proposal was Jia, a 5 year old. She was able to see that since Amelia… Read more »