Weekly Digest

Christy and the children sing "see the sleeping animals" at morning meeting!


Weekly Digest -

Wednesday, September 18th




Community Reminders:

Please remember to label all of your child's personal items, including food containers.  This helps them return home!

Please remember to bring in pictures of your child's community to your child's program so they can get started on their various community-themed art installments! Also, if you haven't yet, please bring a cubby picture to help your child recognize their cubby.


Please try to be on time to pick up your child. This is so teachers have time to clean up and take a break before the afternoon or clean up at the end of the day. If you like to come and hang out we encourage you to come 15 minutes early -- we also enjoy having time to meet with you and discuss our day. There is a late fee if you come to pick up your child more than 10 minutes late. Pick up time is 12:30pm or 3/4pm. Thank you!

There is a Free Box in the community room! The purpose of this box is to exchange things that you may no longer want, that someone else might need. Please no dumping, and let's start with adult items as to not overwhelm the Free Box. Haley added great organic shampoo, that Mitch took and replaced with a colorful dress....for example.


Weekly Happenings



By Brenda Ilowit


We picked a ton, cut down broken branches from laying on the roof (that still need picking), composted a whole can and the tree is still full! The bins go from most pretty to pretty ugly on the bench...feel free to bring bags and let's get the damaged ones transformed into deliciousness ASAP! Just take as many as you can, as we will keep harvesting! The most pretty apples are hopefully for bagging to sell, with a suggested donation of $5 per bag, or just eat one if you need a snack! I will leave an envelope with "apple donation" on it in the community room.


If you are inspired to help with fund raising, feel free. Alyson Desart put out the word for a Village offering and we must have other caners/bakers/juicers/dehydrators out there?


We will be experimenting with awesome equipment lended by the Morris family tomorrow, juicing and dehydrating in the K12 space. Please let us know if you would like to order fresh juice and we will make it to order.


Another friend suggested a cooking circle, where we come together to prep and make dishes together that can be baked at our homes.

Happy Harvest!





Dinosaur Research Meeting

By Amy Horvath


The library is in full swing! Typically, at morning meeting, one or more of the children will come up with an idea or a subject that they would like to discuss and research with a small group in the library. We then head downstairs, grab whatever books and materials we need, and sit down to discuss, ask questions, listen to each other's ideas, and ponder.


During this particular meeting, we sat down at a table with dinosaur books and plastic replica dinosaurs to examine and discuss what we knew about dinosaurs and what we would like to know.


L - dinosaurs have bones

S - they DID have bones. They aren't alive anymore

B - Why do dinosaurs have horns?

S - I think I know why they have horns. Because they grew inside of its body and grew out

N - They have horns because they want to poke trees

S - They have horns because they want to pretend to be fierce and scare predators

L - Why do they have tails? Maybe they could wag their tail and poke someone with it

N - They have tails because they want to wag dinosaurs on the ground

E - Why does this guy have a sharp horn? Why does he have spikes on his back?

S - That is ceratosaurus.

L - I wonder why they have two claws on each side?

N - Why do dinosaurs have sharp claws on their feet?

S - To claw dinosaurs they want to eat

L -Why do they have pointy things on their feet?

S - Let me see (lydia hands him the dinosaur)…Which claws? Oh. It's a velociraptor. It has attack claws on it's feet. Velociraptors run super fast!

N - Why do dinosaurs have sharp teeth?

S - Because they eat meat AND bones!

E - Why does he have a tail to whack a meat eater?








  • Garden & Harvesting- Thank you to everyone that has helped us harvest and EAT apples. We still have lots of delicious vegetables and herbs in the preschool and toddler garden that also need to be enjoyed. We are looking for a green thumb that would like to help harvest, water, and clean up our beautiful garden spaces. Email info@thepatchworkschool.com if you are interested.


  • Plant & Pet Care
  • Dishes & Laundry
  • Snack Prep or clean-up
  • Sanitizing
  • Toy & Costume Repair
  • Weekend Home for Poppy
  • Welcoming Committee
  • Painting
  • Filing
  • Offerings

Just email info@thepatchworkschool.com to sign up or get more information on any of these things!


  • Thank you to the DiGiovanni Family for harvesting our beautiful apple tree and also cleaning up the yard!
  • Thank you to Erika Carlson for the lovely homemade baked goods over the last few weeks.
  • Thank you, Peggy, for the delicious Sea Snax. They went fast!



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