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Weekly Digest - Friday, September 14th



Community Reminders:

Please remember to label all of your child's personal items, including food containers, this helps them return home!

Please remember also to bring in pictures of your child's community to your child's program so they can get started on their various community-themed art installments!




Weekly Happenings


Space & Construction Paper Exploration

By Sally Anderson, Toddlers

What a great start to the school year!  Over in the toddler program we have been getting to know both our indoor and outdoor spaces.  We have enjoyed picking vegetables from the garden and grabbing apples from the tree.  And who can forget the train table?  It has been a big focus with our group, along with feeding the fish and watching them swim.  Since our spaces are so new to so many people this year, we decided to focus our first couple days on space exploration because it is a lot of stimuli to take in! 

Now that we are getting settled into our school, we have begun to experiment with construction paper of all colors.  This includes painting on it with water on the outside easel, dunking it in tub and transferring it to dry paper, drawing on it and ripping it up.  We then used some of this paper to make mosaics that are now hanging in our classroom.  There are many more ways to explore construction paper and we are excited to continue on with this thread! 



Building Community

By Liza Sparks, Preschool

It has been a joy getting to know everyone a little better. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year brings! We have been focusing on building a strong sense of community this week, as the children get accustomed to the space, to one another, and to the educators at The Patchwork School.  It seems one or two of the children will help with snack, they are especially fond of washing the fruit before one of the teachers cuts it. Many of the children bring out snack, bowls, and lay down the tarp. We spend quite a bit of meeting time singing the “Hello Song.” It goes something like this, “Hello Liza, how are you? Who is sitting next to you?” It’s an interactive song in which the children look at their community and learn names. One of our goals this year is to create a strong sense of responsibility to the community. We encourage the children to put their things in their cubby, so they know where they are and to keep our space clean. During lunch we encourage the children to ask for help from other children to open Tupperware containers and yogurt before asking a teacher. We’ve also been encouraging the children to cleanup one project before moving on to another project. This is a great way to get used to how to use the space, i.e. “Do you remember where that goes?” Our goal is so children can access the things they need easily, without always needing help from a teacher.

Building community also means sharing and honoring what the children are interested in. Several children showed an interest in letters and we have been reading alphabet books and singing the ABC song regularly. This week Amy took several children to the Library for a specialized meeting, they were all topics suggested by children: elephants, flying reptiles, monster trucks, and bears. There were also several children led offerings this week: glue, kites, and cutting (to name a few). The kite offering was particularly lovely.  Children got experience using a hole-puncher, tape, markers, and string. There were super hero kites, crazy kites, and elephant kites!

Part of the magic of emergent curriculum is being responsive to what happens in the community. On Friday several of the children were interested in the construction work happening outside. After meeting, I took a group of children to watch as the construction crew worked on the road. We were just in time to see a dump truck come with gravel! This led to a sign making offering in the studio. We talked about how to spell STOP and SLOW and about shapes. The children could see the sign from the window and used it as a reference. One of my favorite parts about being a teacher at The Patchwork School is being responsive to the children’s interests. This means you never know what will happen. Maybe next week we’ll be talking about alligators, apples, and artichokes …




Obama & Romney

By Haley Sladek, K-12

It's election season and the kids in the K-12 program in between talking about medusa or making robots, have been talking about their personal opinions about our two main presidential candidates. Just today, in the library, the kids were looking at a book we have on President Obama. They discussed some pros and cons of each candidate, for example Romney doesn't seem kind and Obama seems really busy. And before that I know a couple of the students have talked about helping campaign for certain candidates. This interest in US politics seems to be connected to the work they have been doing at our Tuesday democratic meetings, where although there aren't two different parties there are always different opinions in which we as a community have to work with. With hot topics such as the K-12 pet or the K-12 group name there have been disagreements and moments of listening, both of which help them understand that every voice matters especially when a consensus needs to be reached, as a community we all have to live with the decision.







  • Student Directory The office is looking for help to compile an excel document with student information such as parents e-mail, phone numbers and birth dates. This is utilized by our community to help set up play dates, share information, etc. We already have received all this information when families turned in their contact information form.


  • Plant & Pet Care
  • Dishes & Laundry
  • Snack Prep or clean-up
  • Sanitizing
  • Toy & Costume Repair
  • Weekend Home for Poppy
  • Gardening & Harvesting
  • Welcoming Committee
  • Painting
  • Filing
  • Offerings

Just email info@thepatchworkschool.com to sign up or get more information on any of these things!


  • Amy Jensen (Jack & Sarah's mom) for donating wooden puzzles to the resource library!
  • Thank you to Erika Carlson (Evan's mom) with apple picking & applesauce making.
  • Doris Rabinowitz for organizing the very successful first annual Community Retreat at State Forest State Park in August.


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