We are so grateful to our many volunteers!


We feel so fortunate to have so many amazing volunteers! Besides our wonderful parents, who have all found some way in which to contribute, we have also had many fabulous community volunteers. Some people have helped with logistics, some with facilities, and some people have contributed time and/or expertise by hosting an offering. If you would like to help out, please see some of the possibilities below, and feel free to contact us for additional ideas.


Before, volunteering, please take a moment to read our Volunteer FAQ!


Volunteering Possibilities

Some of our the roles we often have community members fill are:


  • CU, Naropa, or other students - we love to have you come and help with the children for your volunteer service hours.  Just let us know what you are needing and we'll meet with you to determine a mutually beneficial arrangement!

  • Class Photographer
  • Fix-It Person

  • Snack Shopper

  • Field Trip Coordinator


As a professor at CU-Boulder, I love being a volunteer at Patchwork School. I'm impressed with their distinctive educational philosophy, and it's clear that they are providing an environment where the children are growing socially and intellectually. And equally importantly, it's clear that the children are really happy.


-- Volunteer, 2010



Community Supporters



Second Sunday Sponors

  • Whole Foods
  • Intergral Steps
  • Usborne Books
  • Gabrielle Friedman
  • Jillian Lineberger
  • Jammie Spyer :



Family Yoga Playgroup @ Mama Love Boulder

Community Organizations

We would like to thank some of our community partners who have provided volunteers in the past:

  • Yoga Elements - for a child-friendly Yoga class

  • Young Dentistry - for a visit from the Dentist

  • CU Going Local

  • Transition Louisville

  • Concerts For Kids