Summer Session for 2017!


We are excited to continue offering a full summer program!

  • Full day options 9am-3pm as well as half-day 9-12:30!
  • Runs all summer from June 5th to August 11th!
  • Preschool & Toddler programs!

This summer we will be running our summer session just as we do any other session of the year - with part-time and full-time schedules that you can sign up to attend all summer.  In addition, we will be offering some free drop-in days to make up for missed time due to vacations, and the shorter session timeframe.  Please contact for more details about registering or to sign up for a tour!

Registration Information


Registration Fee: $25 (waived for current families registering by March 1st)

  2 Days 3 Days  4 Days  5 Days

Toddler Half Day


 $1012 $1518 $2024 $2530

Toddler Full Day


$1736 $2604 $3472 $4340

Preschool Half Day


$938 $1407 $1876 $2345

Preschool Full Day


$1602 $2403 $3204 $4005

Special Offers: Everyone will also receive 2 weeks worth (equivalent to the usual number of days per week) of free drop-ins OR for 5-day schedules, we are currently offering 10% off!


Benefits of Summer Session


- Outdoors: The summer days are almost completely spent outdoors, giving children time to fully explore nature and soak up the sun!!


- Consistency: Instead of needing to find a different program or school for the 

summer, your child and family can continue at Patchwork for the entire summer, and right on into the fall!!


- Community: Our summer program offers children a multi-age experience, in which they can be leaders, learners, and teachers. 


- Field Trips: Full day options give us a chance to plan field trips and explore our community! 


- Transitions: Especially for new Patchwork families and Toddler families transitioning to the Preschool in the Fall , this is a great way for you and your family to get familiar with Patchwork families and teachers! 


- Depth of Experience: Exploratory topics give us a chance to really dig in to some fun outdoor threads! 



Check out these pictures from Earth Week in the Summer of 2012:



Check out these pictures from Mud Week in the summer of 2012:








"I have news that's kinda bad, but it needs to be told.  Pirates Park is under construction."

-Jack, age 4, 2010