Summer Camps for 2014!


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Preschool Summer Camps

We are excited to announce our Summer program for preschool students this year will be a parent co-op! 


Preschool - This year parents of children ages 2.5 through 5 will be able to sign their child up for a brand new format of summer camp!  Your child can attend four weeks of camp for every one week you teach, thus giving you an excellent option for summer care while at the same time getting practice with the Patchwork communication skills, as well as an opportunity to really connect and get to know other parents!  See below for more details!


Toddlers - We will not be offering any summer care for children under the age of 2.5, as we have found it is too difficult for them to solidly attach to a new person in such a short timeframe.  We encourage parents to utilize the patchworkcommunity email list to create their own trades, nanny shares and co-ops!


How will this work?

  • Each camp is four days long, Mon-Thurs, from 9am-2pm.  Eight camps total will be offered throughout the summer.
  • The overall theme of the summer program is outdoor exploration, including water, garden, sun, sand and more, but we will also explore specific topics as they arise, just as during the school year.
  • There will be 12-14 children per camp with one Patchwork Teacher.
  • There will be 3 Parent/Teachers per camp for an Adult to Student ratio of 1 Adult to only 3 or 4 students!
  • Parents can choose to work one week and sign the child up for four weeks or they can choose to work two weeks and sign the child up for all eight weeks (or sign up two children)!
  • Parents will attend an orientation meeting to learn the flow of the day and teaching responsibilities. Date(s) to be announced shortly.
  • Parents will attend a Communication Workshop (if they haven't already) and at least one Parent Resource Group to get support and practice.


Jun 9th-12th
Jun 16th-19th
Jun 23rd-26th
Jun 30th-Jul 3rd
Jul 7th-10th
Jul 14th-17th
Jul 21st-24th
Jul 28th-Jul 31st



Option 1 Teach 1 week, sign child up for 4 weeks $763 for all 4 camps
Option 2 Teach 2 weeks, sign child up for 8 weeks $1526 for all 8 camps


How to Enroll - For Patchwork students: (either previously enrolled or enrolled for the fall) You can just fill out this Summer Co-Op Enrollment Form and either mail it or drop it off at school, along with your check no later than May 30th.


How to Enroll - for Non-Patchwork students: Please attend one of our Informational Tours and we can talk to you about enrollment for the Summer Co-op as well as the Fall if you are interested.


What to Bring: Please make sure your child brings a lunch, a swimsuit, a change of clothes, and arrives already wearing sunscreen!  We will provide a morning snack.


Summer Preschool Parent Co-Op FAQ

Why is the camp four days instead of five?
We received feedback from teachers and parents that five days seemed to be too many for the children, especially given that a large percentage of children do not attend for five days during the regular school year.  We also received feedback that a consistent number of days every week was most important for working parents (rather than sporadic camps throughout the summer) to made childcare easier.


Why is the time frame longer than last year?
We received feedback from parents that a 3.5 hour camp wasn't long enough to get much done, especially for those families travelling farther distances.  However, we felt 9-3 was too long given the hotter weather, so 9-2 seemed a reasonable compromise that could still allow for a late afternoon nap if needed.


How is this different from a play-date?
Parents are expected to take a on a real teaching role, rather than more of a casual play-date atmosphere.  At the parent orientation we will review the flow of the day, expectations for offerings, a review of the conflict resolution language, and more so that parents and children will both be engaged in learning throughout the experience.  There will also be additional teaching support the first day of the camp so that parents are mentored in their teaching skills, providing excellent hands-on coaching that is incredibly useful in solving sibling conflicts and handling challenging situations at home.  We have often received feedback that parents would like a work credit option during the year, so summer camp seemed a good opportunity to give that a try.


How is the price different from last year and how is my time accounted for?
You will notice the price is higher that last summer, primarily due to the increase in the amount of time (up to 20 hours total from 17.5).  As we transition from a start-up organization to one that is looking to become sustainable in the long term, we have also realized we need to charge more for our camps, especially given the prices being charged elsewhere.  In order to retain our incredible teachers, we need to make a profit in some areas to be able to continue to raise teacher salaries.  However, instead of just raising the price drastically we chose to offer a parent work component so that Patchwork makes a bit more money and parents also get more for their money by getting increased education and parenting support which can be incredibly expensive through other programs.  Additionally this lets us try out a parent co-op model to see how well it fits at Patchwork.


What if I have two or more children?
If you have more than one child enrolled at Patchwork either last year or for the coming year, you will only be required to work one week rather than two weeks to fulfill the parent work commitment.  However, there would be no sibling discount.  If you have an older child that is not enrolled at Patchwork, they can still attend (even if not preschool aged), but they would be enrolled at the same rate and would still require an additional week of parent work.  If you have a younger child (under 2.5) that does not yet qualify for the program, you may still enroll and complete the parent work requirement, bringing the younger child along, for a small additional fee of $64 to account for the fact that some of your time will be spent on the younger child, potentially reducing the total number of children we will enroll that week.  For each of these scenarios there will be a limited number of spaces per camp offered in order to keep adult/child ratios at their best - these will be offered first-come first-served.  Please email us if you are interested in one of these options so we can get you details and ensure space is available.


Is there a buy-out option if I am interested but absolutely cannot work?
Yes, there is a buy-out option for an additional $128, but again there will be a limited number of spaces available and they will be first-come first-served.  Please email us if you are interested in one of these options so we can get you details and ensure space is available.


K-12 Summer Camps

For K-12 summer camps this year, Patchwork teachers Jason & Liza are excited to offer four weeks of three-full day camps (Tuesday-Thursday) from 9am-3pm.  Each week will include exciting off-site excursions such as swimming and museums, with the activity fees already included.  There will be an emphasis on outdoor play, while still having some indoor down time. 


Week Theme Patchwork Student Non-Patchwork
June 17-19 Water $216 $241
June 24-26 Outdoor Recreation $216 $241
July 1-3 Nature & Gardening $216 $241
July 8-10 Outdoor Art $216 $241

There are summer-related themes for each week, but just as during the school year, the children will be able to offer input and ideas each day for suggested offerings and activities.


How to Enroll: Just fill out this Summer Enrollment Form and either mail it or drop it off at the school, along with your check. Space is limited and will be first come first served.


What to Bring: Please make sure your child brings a lunch and any food or snacks for the day, a swimsuit, a change of clothes, and arrives already wearing sunscreen!  We will not be providing any food.


Check out these pictures from Earth Camp 2012:


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