Pre-K, Kindergarten & 1st Grade

For children ages 4-6, we offer a mixed-age pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade program.  There is a maximum student to teacher ratio of 7 to 1, offering individualized attention daily.  See below for more details, check out the Philosophy Overview page, and attend one of our Informational Tours to get additional questions answered.  Also, you might want to check out the K-5 Aftercare Program if your child is in that age range!


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Age Groupings
The Kindergarten group is made up of a maximum of 14 students, with two teachers.  Throughout the day, students will naturally group themselves, with support from teachers, into smaller groups for various different activities.  This mixed-age environment allows children to have opportunities to learn from older children and mentor younger children, creating a family-like atmosphere.


Each student will typically be assigned to one of the teachers as their advisor. The advisor teacher is the parents' first point of contact for questions and concerns about their child.  We also have a co-teaching environment which allows all teachers and children to get to know one another. 


Children in the Kindergarten program may attend half-days or full-days for any consistent number of days each week, with a minimum of 2 half-days.  Students will combine with the Preschool program at times during the afternoon for an opportunity to work with an even wider age-range of peers.


Flow of the Day

These times are flexible and change as needed, depending on the group’s interests and the flow of the particular day, but this can give you an idea of what a day is like:


~8:00 (about 1 hour) Early Drop-off with the Preschool - For those children arriving early, this is a time for free play with others or individually or small group work with a teacher.


~8:50-9:20 (about 30 minutes) Children Arrive and We Greet Each Other - We offer a fairly long drop-off window because we understand that it is very difficult to arrive exactly on time with young children.  We also want to have ample opportunity to welcome each child individually and ensure a smooth transition.  We will work with you to find a consistent drop-off routine that works for you and your child.


~9:20-10:10 (about 30 minutes) Provocations - Provocations will be set out when children arrive in order to offer interesting ways to engage in the day.  Then, once they start feeling hungry, there is a natural transition point for cleaning up and starting our meeting time.


~10:10 (10-30 minutes) Morning Meeting and  Snack - This is a special time of day where we gather in small groups to have a chance to talk and listen to one another.  We often sing songs, read books, share about our weekends, discuss ideas for the day, or just chat about an interesting topic.  We ask that parents make every effort to arrive prior to meeting, as it can feel awkward for children to try to say goodbye mid-meeting.  While meeting, we have a healthy snack, provided by families.  The teachers and children enjoy coming together to chat with one another as we work together to create our plans for the day.


~10:30 (about 1 hour) Unscheduled Time - The greatest gift we can give the children is this large block of unscheduled time, during which anything can happen.  Teachers help students follow through on plans made at meeting, children and teachers host offerings, children create their own activities using the rich materials in the environment, visitors and community members share their talents and expertise, and spontaneous events occur (from caterpillar sightings to dance parties).  Because we do not have a rigid structure, we are able to thoroughly enjoy this time and delve deeply into whatever we may be doing in that moment.


~11:35 (5-10 minutes) Clean Up - We work together as a community to clean up from our morning activities.  Children are expected to help, but the focus is on participating in some way so that everyone feels involved rather than overwhelmed.


~11:45 (5-30 minutes) Lunch Time - This is one of the children's favorite times of day as they at last get to crack open their beloved lunch boxes to see what treasures have been packed inside.  We all enjoy sitting down together as a community to enjoy a meal or in small groups, depending on the day.  Children are also given space to self-regulate and access their lunches throughout the day if needed.


~12:30 (5-45 minutes) Wrap-up Time - Many students will go outside after lunch or find another quick activity to do before pick-up. This is a great time to do a quick check-in with a teacher about the day, to spend a moment playing with your child in the sandbox, or to catch up with another parent. 


~1:00 (1-3 hours) Nap or Quiet Time - Children that stay all day will either take a nap or just be offered some quieter activities, depending on their needs.  We like to work with parents to determine if the child still seems to require a nap or is ready to be awake all day.  This allows us all to take a moment to slow down and relax after a busy morning.


~2:30 (10-30 minutes) Snack Time - As children wake up from nap or wrap up their afternoon work they will have the opportunity to reconvene for an afternoon snack.


~3:00 (1 hour) Free Play & Cleanup - Most children will leave at this time, but those who remain will be able to play freely and will have opportunities to help teachers clean up for the day.


Tuition Rates


Kindergarten 2017-2018
Registration Fee $225 per year. Siblings $200. Pro-rated for mid-year start.
If choosing "One Time" Payment option, you can save an additional 2.5% by paying on time with cash or check
Fall Quarter Aug 22nd - Nov 8th
One Time Monthly Payments
Due Date: 6/10/17 6/10/17 7/10/2017 8/10/17
2 Full Days $1,686 $562 $562 $562
2 Half Days $990 $330 $330 $330
3 Full Days $2,529 $843 $843 $843
3 Half Days $1,485 $495 $495 $495
4 Full Days $3,372 $1,124 $1,124 $1,124
4 Half Days $1,980 $660 $660 $660
5 Full Days $4,215 $1,405 $1,405 $1,405
5 Half Days $2,475 $825 $825 $825
Each Hour Aftercare $144 $48 $48 $48
Winter Quarter Nov 13th - Feb 28th
One Time Monthly Payments
Due Date: 9/10/17 9/10/17 10/10/2017 11/10/17
Rates are same as Fall Quarter
Spring Quarter March 5th - May 31st
One Time Monthly Payments
Due Date: 12/10/17 12/10/17 1/10/2018 2/10/18
Rates are same as Fall Quarter
Summer Quarter June 4th - August 10th
One Time Monthly Payments
Due Date: 3/10/18 3/10/18 4/10/2018 5/10/18
Rates are same as Fall Quarter

Note: Each quarter is 12 weeks long, except for

Summer, which is 10 weeks + 2 weeks of free drop-ins.

Note: Drop-in Rate (per hour): $12.50


Registration Paperwork

All paperwork is filled out through our online registration system.  Please contact if you have already toured and need the link to register or to set up a tour. 


School Calendar & Family Handbook

2016-2017 School Calendar


2017-2018 School Calendar


2017-2018 Family Handbook


Tuition Assistance

We are excited to be able to accept a limited number of CCAP students in the Kindergraten Program, so please let us know if this is something you are interested in.




Teacher: I love the way this sunshine feels after a big snow.


Student: Yes... I wish I could BE the sunshine.