Whether you are looking for a few enrichment hours per week, or seeking a community experience for your family, we are committed to providing a number of flexible options to meet your needs.  Homeschooling families with children of all ages are welcome to participate at Patchwork via our half-day or full-day programs, through our K-5 Afterschool Program, or through various parenting and education workshops offered throughout the year (see the Parents page).


We believe that combining homeschooling with a part-time school experience is the optimal way to achieve a truly individualized, and yet community-based experience for your child and your family.  Therefore, we aim to support homeschooling families in finding creative ways to engage in our community. 


Preschool & K-5 Programs Homeschooler Registration


Preschool and K-5 Programs

Homeschoolers are more than welcome to enroll in our Preschool or K-5 programs, as part-time schedules are offered in both of those programs, and many enrolled families are registered homeschoolers.  Our K-12 Learning Center also offers individual classes you can sign up for.


Registering as a Homeschooler

We want to help you understand your requirements under Colorado law, so we are providing information here from the Colorado Department of Education’s website.¬† However, you should be sure to check the information for yourself in case of any recent changes:


If your child is under the age of six, they are not required by the state to be enrolled in school full time, so you may choose to enroll them for any number of half or full days (or full-time), without being required to fulfill any additional homeschooling requirements.


If your child is six or older, they are required by the state to be enrolled in school full time, so you may choose to enroll them at The Patchwork School full-time, or choose to register as a homeschooler, which can include any number of half or full days at our school.  If you choose this latter option, you will also be responsible for all of the other requirements under Colorado homeschooling law, which we will support and assist you in completing.