Annual Report 2016-17


The 2016-17 School Year marked the completion of 10 years of Recreating School and Creating Community, which we celebrated with a lovely reunion party in May!  Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us!



The K-12 program had a particularly successful sumer camp program this year, going on outings most every day including the Louisville library, the Memory Square pool, the Lafayette Rec Center, many different parks, and more.  At the end of the summer we made a very hard decision to discontinue our K-12 school-year program.  We were lacking in enrollment for the 17-18 school year and finding that families seemed to be wanting some different things.  We are excited to be putting more emphasis on the Early Childhood work that we do, expanding the age ranges of our Toddler & Preschool programs, as well as continuing to offer After School care and camps for School-age children.


The preschool program flourished again this year, even as we said goodbye to some beloved staff members, including long-time Preschool Director Rebekah Lassen, who is now working at a new job closer to her home in the Dever area.  We are also very happy to be ushering in our new Preschool Director Cassie Swick, who is in her third year at Patchwork and brings a strong background in Early Childhood and curriculum development.


The toddler program far exceeded it's goals this past year, and we want to thank Paige Berry for her continued leadership in this program, helping to solidify our afternoon program and advocating for more outdoor space for toddlers, which we were able to add this summer!


The outdoor and indoor spaces all got a fresh coat of paint this year, among other sprucing up projects, including new fences, moving the compost and the chickens to our new back space, and new materials for each program!


We are happy to report that Heather, our Communications & Finance Coordinator has continued to improved our administrative efficiency, with new systems for tracking tuition and payroll.  We are also excited to announce that over the summer, we added an Assistant Director position, which is filled by Mitch Leonard, who has worked at Patchwork for seven years in many different capacities!  In addition to Michele Beach, who continues to be Director, she will also have Parent Support hours and Office Hours so we can be sure someone is always available to help!

Financial Summary


Preschool Tuition 152,409
K-12 Tuition 90,362
Toddler Tuition 81,200
Summer Tuition 52,105
Large Donations (5k+) 0
Small Donations (<5k) 11,250
Total 387,326
Staff 267,057
Rent 68,765
Outstanding Liability Repayment 15,000
Materials 4,239
Insurance 7167
Accounting/Consulting 1573
Utilities 7400
Marketing 1175
Training 955
Events 800
Fees & Licensing 1079
Maintenance 5414
Total 380,624
Added to Cash Reserve 6,702


In summary, our financial situation coming out of the 2016-17 school year is excellent.  We are happy to have repaid all outstanding liabilities as well as saving some money for a "rainy-day."



Please let us know if you want to help Support Us financially - we are excited to announce that we now accept Stock donations as well as PayPal and many other ways to contribute!