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 All events take place at the school (1428 Main Street, Louisville, CO) unless otherwise noted.


Community Events


Monday, January 19th- Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School


February 16 through 18th- Presidents' Day Break


Upcoming Communication Skills Workshops


Part One- January 24th, Part Two- February 21st

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The workshop combines information about

The workshop puts many tools together so that all members of a child's community (teachers, parents, etc.) can be consistent in their efforts. It also offers a chance to role play and practice new skills. In between workshop sessions, participants are encouraged to go more deeply into each concept and experiment during the week with children on applying lessons learned, and then following up with the group.at the next session.

The workshop includes remarkable findings in interpersonal neurobiology that can powerfully help us shift out of our frustrations with our relationships to ourselves and others toward finding compassion. The science behind the communication tools is a driving force that motivates participants to make the extra effort up front to be firm but fair with the children in our lives, which results in positive outcomes that last beyond adolescence.

Next trimester the workshop will be offered as an 8-week series with dates and times to be determined.

Families who have enrolled their children at the Patchwork School have already paid a Parent Education Fee, which covers the workshop. The cost is only $50 for others in the community. All are welcome, and participants may repeat the workshop (space permitted).

Parent input shows that we actually all share many of the same universal loving concerns and challenges, and that fact can be both jarring and comforting.

Past workshop participants have enjoyed the opportunity to share experiences about childcare, child development, and problem solving. Taking the time to focus on respectful communication that builds relationship is enriching and inspiring.

RSVP to Patchwork's parent educator, Brenda, to register or with any questions. (Brenda@thepatchworkschool.com)

The Patchwork School has inspired a wonderful extended community where all members are a resource to one another, and we invite you to join us.