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 All events take place at the school (1428 Main Street, Louisville, CO) unless otherwise noted.


Community Events


Save the Date! Open Board Meeting

December 10th & April 8th, 7:30 to 9:30pm- Join The Patchwork Board of Directors to discuss the matters at the school and be a part of the Parent Advisory Board (PAB).


Halloween Trick-or-Treating October 31st, 10:30am, @ Balfour Retirement Community

Halloween will be celebrated as a whole school a the Balfour Retirement Community. People are welcome to dress up for this event (please no masks). This will be during school hours and permission forms will be given out to help families plan for this event. You can either join your child or give permission for us to transport them to and from Balfour.We will be asking for non-candy treats beforehand that will be passed out by seniors during the Halloween Parade.



Parenting Safe Children Workshop November 2nd, 10am-2pm

Feather  Berkower will be presenting tools to support parents in child safety pertaining to sexual abuse.

Here is the link to the registration page

Everyone is welcome! Please feel free to forward this on to any other parent/caregiver outside of Patchwork that might like to take part in this workshop. Cost ($53). Space is limited

Feather will present from 10am-2pm and then if you would like to stay afterward, some Patchwork staff will be on hand to answer questions pertaining to the school. Program Directors have attended this workshop previously and will be available either after the event or at a later time to answer questions and listen to any feelings that may arise. This event goes through lunch hours so pizza will be served (please let us know if you prefer gluten free). 


November 14th- Last day of the Trimester


Thanksgiving Break- November 24th-28th- NO SCHOOL


Friday, December 12th, 5:30pm- Community Holiday Party

If you are interested in hosting this joyous community event please let us know!


Upcoming Communication Skills Workshops


Communication Skills Workshops- Monday nights 7:30pm

Part Two: October 20th- November 10th


Please join us for these workshops to help enhance your parenting toolbox and to connect with other parents like yourself!  These workshops are open to the public for a small fee - contact us for details! 


We are excited to offer our next Patchwork Communication Workshops in a weekly format!  This gives participants the opportunity to go more deeply into each concept, experiment during the week with children and then follow up the next week with the group.  Your Parent Education Fee covers these workshops!  The cost is only  $50 for others.  RSVP to repeat workshops you have taken already as well (if there is space).


Past participants have enjoyed these opportunities together to share experiences with child development, care and problem solving.  The time to focus on respectful communication that builds relationship is enriching and inspiring.  The input from parents and the repetition of the same universal loving concerns and problems is both jarring and comforting. There is tremendous value in outlining our Patchwork Communication Skills and putting all of our tools together so that we can be consistent in our efforts.  The latest research in interpersonal neurobiology  is a powerful aid, helping us to shift out of our frustrations toward finding compassion, for our own difficulties and those of our relations!   The research is a driving force in motivating the extra effort up front, to be firm but fair, with the goal of  positive outcomes in adolescents and beyond. We are a community where all members are resource to each other. Please RSVP for the Part II at info@thepatchworkschool.com