K-12 Learning Center

  • Beginning this fall you can enroll as a full or part-time student OR just sign up for an individual class
  • We are also offering spaces that can be utilized for community workshops that YOU can teach!
  • Our outdoor space is also expanding, as we add gardens, a wood working space, and more!

Our K-12 Learning Center Mission:

We engage students and staff in consensus and democratic decision-making and problem solving.  We honor student choice and facilitate student-centered learning through play and exploration, constructivist teaching, collaborative coursework, and self-directed student initiatives.  We support social and emotional development through conflict mediation, personal reflection, diversity awareness and community responsibility.


Please see the Philosophy Overview, check us out on Facebook, and join us at one of our Informational Tours to find out more!


Registration Options Learning Center Classes Tuition Rates
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Registration Options

You have the choice of registering for:

  • Full-time (5 full days, 9am-3pm) - Children registered as full-time students do not need to register as homeschoolers, as in this case Patchwork is considered to be a private school.  Students are in one mixed age group, along with the part-time students, and have the option to attend any, all, or none of the Learning Center classes.
  • Part-time (3 or 4 full days, 9am-3pm) - Children registered as part-time students must be registered as homeschoolers, which we can support you with if you are interested.  Students are in one mixed age group, along with the full-time students, and have the option to attend any, all, or none of the Learning Center classes.
  • Learning Center Classes only (see below for dates & times) - Families that homeschool can choose to sign up for our Learning Center Classes by registering online below for the particular classes that you are intersted in!  Some classes may also have our full-time or part-time students attending, as well.

Learning Center Classes

Check back soon for fall 2017-18 classes!


Flow of The Day

These times are flexible and change as needed, depending on the group’s interests and the flow of the particular day, but this can give you an idea of what a day is like:


~8:00 (about 45 minutes) Free Play - For those children arriving early, this is a time for free play with others or individually, or for small group work with a teacher.


~8:50-9:45 (about 45 minutes) Children Arrive and We Greet Each Other - Saying goodbye is generally a bit easier at this age, however we still work to ensure a smooth drop-off, allowing them to connect with their teachers and peers and share any feelings about separating.  Typically teachers will set out provocations to inspire children to engage with the materials and one another.


~9:45 (10-30 minutes) Morning Meeting - Morning Meeting is an important time for the children to come together to share with one another their ideas for the day and to talk about any issues or concerns that have been raised.  The children take part in running the meeting, adding to the Agenda, and sharing offerings.  The issues portion of the meeting allows the teachers and children to come together to make important decisions about community limits, plans, etc.  We ask that parents make every effort to arrive prior to meeting, as it can feel awkward for children to walk in mid-meeting.  During or prior to meeting, we also share a healthy snack, provided by parents.


~10:30 (1-2 hours) Unscheduled Time or Classes - The greatest gift we can give the children is this large block of unscheduled time, during which anything can happen.  Children are encouraged to follow through on any plans or ideas that came up during Morning Meeting, teachers set out additional provocations, visitors may present offerings, and field-trips and outings occur about once a week.  Because we do not have a rigid structure, we are able to thoroughly enjoy this time and delve deeply into whatever we may be doing in that moment.


~12:00 (5-45 minutes) Lunch Time - This is one of the children's favorite time of day as they crack open their beloved lunch boxes to see what treasures have been packed inside.  We enjoy sitting down together as a community, or dividing into small groups and picnicing inside and outside.


~12:30 (15-30 minutes)  Clean-up Time - All of the children participte in cleaning up their own materials from the day as well as helping with one or more community responsibilites such as pet or plant care, snack prep, dirty dishes, etc.


~1:00 (120 minutes)  Unscheduled Time or Class Time - Generally there is a 1:00 Class and a 2:00 Class offered or sometimes a 2 hour block class.  This can range from math and reading to balloon animals or even philsophy.  If they choose not to attend the class they can continue on other projects or offerings in the library or outside.  Some classes we have had include: Robot Throwdown, P.E., Herbal Potions, Sock Dolls, Math with Money and Time, Storytelling, Dungeons & Dragons, Humane Education, Open Art Studio, and more!


~3:00 Pick-up Time - Most children will leave at this time, and parents will have a chance to check in with teachers about the day.  For those who remain for the last hour, they will be able to play freely and have opportunities to help teachers clean up for the day.


Tuition Rates

These are the rates for full or part-time enrollment.

K-12 2017-2018
Registration Fee $225 per year. Siblings $200. Pro-rated for mid-year start.
If choosing "One Time" Payment option, you can save an additional 2.5% by paying on time with cash or check
Fall Quarter Aug 22nd - Nov 8th
One Time Monthly Payments
Due Date: 6/10/17 6/10/17 7/10/2017 8/10/17
3 Full Days $2,790 $930 $930 $930
4 Full Days $3,720 $1,240 $1,240 $1,240
5 Full Days $4,650 $1,550 $1,550 $1,550
Each Hour Aftercare $156 $52 $52 $52
Winter Quarter Nov 13th - Feb 28th
One Time Monthly Payments
Due Date: 9/10/17 9/10/17 10/10/2017 11/10/17
Rates are same as Fall Quarter
Spring Quarter March 5th - May 31st
One Time Monthly Payments
Due Date: 12/10/17 12/10/17 1/10/2018 2/10/18
Rates are same as Fall Quarter
Summer Quarter June 4th - August 10th
One Time Monthly Payments
Due Date: 3/10/18 3/10/18 4/10/2018 5/10/18
Rates are same as Fall Quarter

Note: Each quarter is 12 weeks long, except for

Summer, which is 10 weeks + 2 weeks of free drop-ins.

Note: Drop-in Rate (per hour): $14.00

Sliding Scale Tuition

We are happy to be offering a sliding scale again this year for our K-12 students to continue to make Patchwork more accessible.  Note the sliding scale only applies to the full-day 9-3 and not to aftercare.  When you register, or after touring, you can choose to submit a Tuition Assistance Application to see if you qualify for one of the discounted brackets. The tuition assistance application is now a part of our online registration system.  It consists of two parts -- an online portion through FACTS and a written portion. Your bracket is determined based on annual household income from W2's and tax returns, however exceptions can be made based on circumstances described in the written portion of the application. Each bracket does have a cap for the number of students that we can accept, but we do also have additional discretionary funds that can be awarded outside of the brackets, so we encourage everyone to apply!


Tuition Assisted Sliding Scale
Full Price (100%)
Quarterly Monthly
3 Full Days $2,790 $930
4 Full Days $3,720 $1,240
5 Full Days $4,650 $1,550
Aftercare $156 $52
Income <$80,000 & Application Shows Need (75%)
Quarterly Monthly
3 Full Days $2,093 $698
4 Full Days $2,790 $930
5 Full Days $3,488 $1,163
Aftercare $117 $39
Income <$60,000 & Application Shows Need (50%)
Quarterly Monthly
3 Full Days $1,395 $465
4 Full Days $1,860 $620
5 Full Days $2,325 $775
Aftercare $78 $26
Income <$40,000 & Application Shows Need (25%)
Quarterly Monthly
3 Full Days $698 $233
4 Full Days $930 $310
5 Full Days $1,163 $388
Aftercare $39 $13
Application Shows 100% Need (2%)
Quarterly Monthly
3 Full Days $56 $19
4 Full Days $74 $25
5 Full Days $93 $31
Aftercare $39 $13
Note: Tuition Assisted spots are available on a rolling basis. Tuition Assisted aftercare spots are very limited.


School Calendar & Family Handbook


2016-2017 School Calendar


2017-2018 School Calendar


2017-2018 Family Handbook


Tuition Assistance


We are excited to be able to offer some tuition assistance for the K-12 Program through our Sliding Scale.  Tuition Assistance is awarded until funds are exhausted. You will need to reapply for assistance each year, however if awarded assistance, we will make every effort to award the same amount of tuition assistance each year, assuming your financial situation does not change.

To apply, you must do the following:

  • Attend an Informational Tour
  • Use our online registration system to register and fill out all necessary tuition assistance supplmental forms.
  • OR


  • Complete this Tuition Assistance Application, which contains a Family Information Sheet, a Personal Statement, and a Tuition Assistance Agreement, and return it to The Patchwork School AND complete the online FACTS application. You’ll need the school’s zip code, which is 80027, and you will need to pay the processing fee by credit card. If the application fee presents a hardship for your family, please speak to a director about a processing fee voucher. You can also apply by completing a paper application, which you can obtain by downloading it from the above website, or from a school director. Please note that if a voucher is used for the processing fee, a paper application will need to be completed. The data from the FACTS application will be returned to The Patchwork School, along with the FACTS “Calculated Need” document, detailing your estimated family contribution.

Every Tuition Assistance applicant must complete and return all documents in order for the Board of Directors to fairly evaluate each application. All final Tuition Assistance awards are confidential. If you have any questions regarding the tuition assistance process, please feel free to contact us.