Thank you to everyone that has helped us to exceed our goal of $10,000 for 10 years  - we raised: $11,250 and more keeps trickling in. 


Thank you to: Steven & Beverlyn Elliott, Ed and Lynn Beach, David Stellar, Jodi Robinson, Suzanne Hamilton/Bob Page, Rebecca Cameron, Lauryl Danuff, Martha and Larry Burris, Heather and Rob Burris, Jeffrey Burrows, Roland and Jessica Burrows, Louisville Dental Associates, Anonymous, Christine Riley, Lindsey Houck, Eric Swick, James and Mary Neumann, Aurhur, Craig,Eric Swick, Marilyn Crowley, Sheriden Crowley, Alison Hernandez, Tom Clifford, Gilbert Dickinson, Christine Dickinson, Karen Sheldon, Christopher Goble, Matt Goble, Ruby Phillips, Brian and Tracie @ The Garage Door Works, Cheri and Todd Hoeft, Baby Jack Byrd , Dale and Katie Craig, Portia Peacey, Laura and Tom Meese, Robyn/Brian Nordstrom Lane, John J. Arrottie, James and Julia Oxenhandler, Mary Pat Oxenhandler, Thomas Tuleja, Brenda Kimlinger, Martin Grosjean, Shari Sapp, Pam Wilson, Mary Kaiser Chuck Breuch, Claudia Wilson, Peggy Wood, Haley Squires, Gavlin Family Foundation, Saleem and Diana Zaheer, Eileen Twohy, Tracy Hansen, Carol Marsh, Peter Mercer, Keith Rosenthal, Harold Weissman, Sarah Malinowski, Amy Ballard, Deborah Phillips, Chad Senuta, Moxie Bread CO and all of the participating Patchwork Families!


There are a variety of ways you can Support our School...

Many of the options below cost you nothing at all! All donations are tax-deductible.  Please contact us if you have any questions or have donations that need to be dropped off or picked up.  We also believe in financial transparency, so check out our Annual Report to see where your money goes!  Thank you for your support!


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Pay Pal
You can easily make a monetary donation online using your credit card or Pay Pal account. If you enter your address as your shipping address, we will gladly send you a receipt for tax purposes.



Amazon Wish List
My Wish List In addition to the items below, we also have an Amazon wishlist containing a number of books, puzzles and other things we would like to collect.



Materials Wish List

Please consider donating an item from the following wish list, or any other materials you think we could use!

Larger Items
10-20 Folding Chairs
Laptop computers
SD Cards with 2GB or More



Booster Seats

Curriculum Materials

Drawing Pencils

Plastic Animals

Doll House Items

Dry Errase Markers

Water Colors

Water Beads


Hand Mirros

PVC pipe

Small Hammers

Gender Neutral Dress-up Cosutmes/Accessories

Outdoor Kids-sized shovels

Scales for Standing on


Buy a T-shirt!

Contact to get a great American Apparel T-shirt for only $15!


Grand Rabbit's

Any time you purchase something at Grand Rabbit's Toy Shoppe they will donate 5% to the school.  Please remeber to give thme our name when shopping.