Michele Leonard (Mitch)

Teacher, Parent, Board Vice President

“I love sharing in the discovery and delight of learning”  

Patchwork is a place where you can find your authentic self and where I discovered my voice. I wish nothing less for my child and am honored to share the Patchwork experience with him.  Patchwork has become family.



B.S. Sociology, Colorado State University, 2007

M.A. Educational Psychology, University of Colorado Denver, 2011

Early Childhood Education Teaching License, Colorado Department of Education- Friends School Teaching Prep Program


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Heather Craig

Staff Member/Parent: Board Treasurer

“Because of Patchwork my family is stronger and more connected than I believe it would have been.  Patchwork has fostered compassion, understanding, and communication within my family. It has helped us all see each other and ourselves in renewed and positive ways.  We can see each other as individuals”



Associate of Arts Degree from Aims Community College

5 Years of Finance and HR Experience (2 at The Patchwork School)

6 years of experience as an involved Parent at The Patchwork School



You can also find more information about Heather on our Staff page.

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Kelly Fray

Parent: Secretary

“When my child was first beginning school, it was really important to me to find a place that aligned with our own family values, practices, and passions since he would be spending so much time there.  I believe strongly in learning through exploration and experience as well as trust in and respect for even the smallest of children to help make decisions and have a voice in the conversation.  My experience with Patchwork is that all the children are offered these opportunities on a constant basis.  The philosophies behind Patchwork truly match the environment created daily at the school and to me, that authenticity is highly valuable!

Patchwork is a very special place and our family’s experience with the school has been so rewarding and profound that I am so excited to serve on the Board of Directors.”


BA Environmental Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder, 2009

MA Resilient Leadership (formally Environmental Leadership), Naropa University, 2011

Authentic Leadership Certificate Program, Naropa University, 2011











Paith MacQueen

Parent: Board Member

“I believe that the young ones who are here with us today are created with a unique design, the blueprint for which it is our duty as elders to assist those young ones to discover and learn to adhere to, so they can live a life fulfilling their calling and contributing to the healing of the planet. “Each one of us has been given a post of honor, which we must not desert”. I see the Patchwork community is very clearly a place that creates the space for these young ones to discover themselves, to become confident in who they are, preparing them for a life of loving, joyful service to humanity being authentic, balanced and emotionally secure beings. I’m so grateful to be here as a parent, as well as a board member, to learn and grow together with this community and collective mission.”

Qualifications: BA in Fine Art, Loyola Marymount University

Certified Yoga and Children’s Yoga Instructor

Certified White Belt Nia Teacher

Trained in the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program

Found and Creator of PaithMacQueen.com and the EmbodyMore Method™









Ann O'Connell

Parent: Board Member










Carly Fox

Parent: Board Member






I have two boys in their 4th year at Patchwork. The experience for both of them has been incredible. They are so inquisitive which I credit to the way Patchwork supports them in exploring subjects of their choosing.


-- Nicki Heathwood

Parent & Board Member,, 2010