Annual Report 2015-16


The 2015-16 school year included some great accomplishments, including our best fundraiser yet by far, an Organizational shift to integrate new principles from Sociocracy, and our new Second Sunday Community Day offering.  See below for more!



The K-12 program enjoyed multiple opportunities to learn about budgeting this year as the Pet Committee purchased supplies for new hamsters, mice and also the chickens.  In addition, a K-12 petition resulted in a new sewing machine for the program!  When students participate in researching and buying materials, they have a deeper understanding of the need to take care of the environment.



The preschool program acquired a new rabbit, Marshmallow this year after having said goodbye to our long-time friend Poppyseed.  They also now help manage our own compost piles out front alongside our abundant garden.  Spending time and energy caring for our school animals helps children learn more about the world around us so they can be cricitial thinkers about their own impact. 



The toddler program is happy to at last have a child-sized toilet!  Although this seems like a small accomplishment, it can make a big difference in the life of a potty-training child and family!


Parent Support - Second Sundays!

This year we began our new Second Sunday community program with lots of success, including non-violent communication workshops, a gingerbread house making offering, impromptu music, and opportunities to gather and support each one another.  We plan to continue to enhance this program in the years to come.


Organizational Shift

For many years, the Patchwork staff has operated on a consensus model, giving everyone a voice in how the school operates.  This year we made a slight shift to "consent" - a more effecient model under the model of "Sociocracy."  This is a form of democracy developed in the Netherlands that makes it easier for communities to evolve and change with the times and the communities' needs, using a hybrid of heirarchy and flat consensus.


Fundraiser Success

We had our best fundraising year yet - a huge thanks to a K-12 parent, Claudia Wilson for championing our Letter Campaign last fall, raising over $7,000 as well as helping us to get a couple of larger donations! 


Streamlining Registration

We have become paperless (almost)!  90% of registration information can now be entered online through our partner, ACTIVE registrations, freeing up staff to have more time to focus on students rather than filing!


Tuition Assistance

Through our Tuition Assistance program and CCAP, we were proud to be able to offer assisted tuition spots equal to:

  • K-12: $30,300
  • Preschool: $22,400
  • Toddler: $4,000

Financial Summary

Preschool Tuition 169,100
K-12 Tuition 79,200
Toddler Tuition 61,700
Summer Tuition 46,000
Large Donations (5k+) 15,000
Small Donations (<5k) 13,140
Total 384,140
Staff 246,700
Rent 63,300
Outstanding Liability Repayment 30,000
Materials 12,540
Utilities 10,600
Marketing 2,410
Training 1,750
Events 1,500
Fees & Licensing 1,500
Maintenance 4700
Total 375,000
Added to Cash Reserve 9,140


In summary, our financial situation coming out of the 2015-16 school year is quite positive.  We exceeded expectations for the fundraiser and for tuition, allowing us to repay almost all of our remaining outstanding liabilities from previous years, as well as reserving some cash for the coming years.



Please let us know if you want to help Support Us financially - we are excited to announce that we now accept Stock donations as well as PayPal and many other ways to contribute!